Zante Town

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Take a trip to the beautiful historical town of Zante, or as the Greeks name it, Zakynthos, and explore all the wonderful gems hidden down the narrow, cobbled streets.

The destructive earthquake of 1953 ruined the majority of the buildings in the town. Many of the shops, houses and sites have now been rebuilt Venetian Style, showing off the exquisite traditional architecture.

Choose from great, affordable accommodation in the center of town, varying from two, three and four star hotels, which have all the amenities on its doorstep.

Step away from the bustling city and into the crystal clear waters by the cobbled beach, just on the outskirts of the town in Kryoneri, or take a dip in the waters nearby Solomos Square.

Zante has on offer a wide variety of activities around the town; taking a ride on the Tourist Train is a brilliant way to see the town. Perhaps a trip to the museums; the Byzantine Museum boasts 17th Century paintings, the Cultural Centre which holds Zakynthos historical reports and a Library can all be found on Solomos Square. A popular activity around town is to hire bikes, jeeps and motorcycles for all ages, and spend the afternoon zipping around town checking out all the best excursions.

Zakynthos is the ideal place for shopping, opening early in the morning till late at night, Rouga Square boasts fantastic little boutiques where you’ll find clothes, gifts and traditional Greek wear.

Spend a relaxing, summers evening strolling the streets. Choose from the many cafes, restaurants and taverna’s serving local cuisine and fresh fish, mainly located along the stretch leading to Zante Port.