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The Venetians once dubbed Zante – or Zakynthos as it’s also known as lsquo;The Flower of the Orient’, thanks to its lush countryside, and why not?
The whole island is covered with olive groves, lemon trees and bougainvillea between rolling hills.
The history of this pretty island dates back to the famous ancient Greek poet and writer, Homer, who first mentioned the island in his masterpieces,
the Iliad and the Odyssey, stating that the first inhabitants of it were the son of King Dardanos of Troy called Zakynthos and that they first came on the island around 1500–1600 BC.
Of all the Ionian Islands, Zante is the southern and third in size. The island’s magnitude is 406 square kilometres
of coast longitude amounting in 123 kilometres and its population comprises of 35000 residents.
Its geographical position allows the traveller to visit easily the other islands of the Ionian Sea or even travel to the opposite coast of the Peloponnese where,
among others, you may find the ancient town of ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games took place in the ancient years.

The strategic geographical location helps in direct communication with the largest cities of Greece such as Patras, Athens and Thessalonica.
Zante, an island full of oppositions, is at its largest part mountainous, with pine- clad mountains and fertile plains.
On the north, east and south it is full of numerous picturesque beaches, whereas on the west, in its imposing and rocky coasts one may find numerous sea caves
such as the sea Blue Cave on the north- west part of the island. Zante’s climate is benign Mediterranean with lots of rain and great sunlight, some of the greatest attractions of Zante include.


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A spectacular shoreline


Zante’s coastline is spectacularly beautiful with a thirst quenching sight. Sandy shores give way to turquoise sea caves,
and hidden coves and rugged cliffs offer up wonderful views of the Ionian sunsets.
The most beautiful beach is the Smuggler’s Cave. Overlooked by soaring cliffs, this sandy bay is one of the most beautiful in Greece.
The beach at Laganas is the longest on the island, clocking in at just over 3 miles long, and is protected by Greece’s first National Marine Park.
Loggerhead turtles, It is the loggerhead turtles that really put Zante on the map, though – the island is the most important nesting spot in the Mediterranean for them.
The best time to spot them is between July and August. The Bay of Laganas is the world’s most important nesting ground for the Mediterranean Loggerhead turtle.


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Dining options on Zante are plentiful, with Greek cuisine controlling the lion's share of the choices,
Traditional Greek dishes, along with perfectly-prepared steaks and the freshest seafood populate the
majority of menus of the tavernas combined with the laid back atmosphere makes for a truly relaxing location.
In many taverns Greek music is played along with traditional Greek Dancing which makes for a memorable evening and at some tavernas you will be
able to join in, so make sure you take your cameras / video cameras with you.
The Zakynthos food is quite rich and tasty and commences with starters like melitzanosalata, the taramosalata and the tzatziki that are sauces to spread on bread and
consist of aubergines, fish eggs and the last one the most popular of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic.
Stuffed rabbit cooked in wine is a characteristic dish of the Island also with other favourites like lamb Kleftico, Pastitsio, Souvlaki, Stifado and other wonderful local dishes.
Also you will find a wide variety of local’s cheeses. People in Zante like feta, the national cheese of Greece.
It’s widely served in tavernas and restaurants. Apart from Feta, you will also get manure, the kefalotiri and the two typical cheeses of Zante - tirokafteri and ladotiri.
Can you think of a better place to spend your quality holiday time in…the best of nature and the best of food with world class adventure activities to boast of are awaiting for you to explore.

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Zante offers incredible contrast between old-world lifestyles and new-world nightlife, with rugged mountains, valleys of vineyards, up-close wildlife and of course the long and sandy coastline.
Diving in the clear Ionian Sea is a popular activity for visitors; Porto Zorro is an excellent place for snorkelling.

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