Zante Divers



I had the pleasure of visiting Eurodivers Zante last season and thought I would share
with you all what the day went like.
I would like to add this is totally unbiased and my own opinion.

I was advised that I would be picked up outside my hotel (Cronulla in kalamaki) at 10-00am
and with normal Greek timings throughout islands when they say 10-00 in could vary but
not this time 10-00 was 10-00, we set off to collect another couple at Caretta Beach,
then continuing down to Eurodivers Dive Centre in Laganas.
I do remember that Eurodivers also did a small version of the try dives in Caretta Beach and
a couple of other hotel pools in the area where you could see if you liked to try Scuba
diving which I thought was a very good idea, you got to put the air tank with the mask and
fins and swim around the pool, and was great fun watching the families try scuba diving for
the first time and you should have seen the smiles on their faces it was magical!!


On arrival we were greeted by other Eurodivers Staff and were made to feel very welcome!
As normal we were given health / disclaimer form to fill in which was very straight forward.
We then had a Safety Briefing with “Chad” who went through all the hand signals they use
when your underwater like “ok / go up / go down / shark etc etc. (hahaha we did not see any sharks)
then we were taken (with Jeff) to select masks / fins etc and to help take all the dive gear down onto
the beach ready to board the boat to take us to the dive site located on the far side on “turtle island”

The day I visited I was advised that it was one of the busiest day they have had that season so far, we got on the boat and off we went passed
“cameo island” and on to the dive site.

We were then put in groups of three to one instructor some groups did have four or five but these were experienced divers,
you get all the gear on now all the briefings on how to use the dive equipment / safety and everything else just falls into place, you get into the water and wow
you are swimming underwater and breathing too what a Fantastic Experience!!

Ok you can go on a try dive with Eurodivers Zante and if you really enjoyed your experience and would like to continue diving
then you can take various courses like Open water Diver, Adventure Diver, Rescue Diver to name but a few all run
through the PADI and is a worldwide Qualification.

If I can recommend anything for you to try whilst you’re on your holidays I would have to say contact
Eurodivers Zante and go scuba diving it is totally awesome, they also have instructors swimming around you taking
pictures / video of you to capture you exploring the undersea world of Zante.

Eurodivers Zante contact Details.
Address:-  Laganas Beach, 29100 Zakynthos, Greece
Tel:-  +30 26950 29581
Fax:-  +30 26950 29582

Eurodivers Zante FaceBook

Eurodivers Web Site

I did take all the names on the instructors who were there on the day but was mislaid but I remember
Jeff and Chad they look a bit like the “Mitchel” brothers from Eastenders but these Guys have an awesome sense of humour,
Big thanks to All at Eurodivers for making my day so memorable.