Learn Greek

The official language spoken in Zakynthos / Zante is Greek, with that said you will find a lot of the local people can speak very good English especially in the more popular tourist areas of the island but still in isolated villages they only speak Greek.


It’s always polite and a very nice gesture when visiting one of the Greek Islands or you're favourite location in Zante is to try and learn some Greek even if you don't pronounce it
quite right the local Greeks will be impressed that you have made the effort even if you do get it slightly wrong.


We have put together a little guide with a few audio clips (to follow) to help you along the way and get you started, by
Learning the very basic words like ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is a great starting point.


OK lets start with a very important first word " Yá mas " or better known as Cheers , at the end of a meal in a lot of Tavernas not all
you get given a small shot of Ouzo or flavoured spirit of sorts and it's polite to say cheers or in Greek " Yá mas "


Some useful Greek words are as follows:-


1. Hello: Yassoo (familiar) or yassas (formal)
2. Please: Parakalo
3. Thank you: Efcharisto       (Said as  “F Harrys Toe”)
4. Yes: Nai
5. No: Okhee
6. How are you: Ti kanis? (familiar) Ti kanete (formal)
7. Good or well: Kala
8. Very good or very well: Polee kala
9. Fine: Meeah harah
10. So-so: Etsi kayetsi
11. Good morning: Kaleemera (familiar) or kaleemera sas (formal)
12. Good evening: Kaleespera (familiar) or kaleespera sas (formal)
13. Goodnight: Kaleenikta (familiar) or kaleenikta sas (formal)
14. Drink: Poto
15. Water: Nero
16. Wine: Kras si
17. Beer:  Birra
18 Excuse me:  Signomi
19. The bill please!: To logariasmo, parakalo!
20. Do you speak English?: Meelate angleeka?

You may also need Numbers:-

1:- Enna
2:- Dio
3:- Tria
4:- Tessera
5:- Penday
6:- Exi
7:- Efta
8:- Ohxto
9:- Ennaya
10:- Deka
11:- Endeka
12:- Dodeka
13:- Deka-tria
14:- Deka-tessera
15:- Deka-penday
16:- Deka-exi
17:- 0 Deka-efta
18:- Deka-ohxto
19:- Deka-enna
20:- Ekosi